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Down on his luck in music production, Dr. Dre decides to go into the steak business. Check your local grocery store for Meats by Dre.

Available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Sheets by Dre.

New style of soccer shoes, Cleats by Dre.

New furniture line, Seats by Dre

New clothing line: Pleats by Dr Dre

Having trouble breaking through on social media? Tweets by Dre.

Coming soon: a new chain of hip hop themed breast augmentation clinics…Teats by Dre


…if you have or buy blu rays with the Ultraviolet digital copy but you’ve never even bothered with with the digital copy please send me your code. I use them and could always use a new one to add to the list. I already repurchased DVDs as blu rays…and hardly anyone uses the digital copies. I don’t wanna buy movies a third time…

I’ve been…

…attracting sexual partners as of late who are a minimum of 10 years younger than I am. That’s not a humble brag but I’m finding it difficult to relate to them. I’m not saying it’s impossible, that they are too immature, or that I’m looking for something serious but that’s a big fucking gap to overcome when it’s not just a friend or acquaintance you’re talking to. Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to see how this turns out.

According to…

…the 300 movie series Spartan warriors had medium to long head hair, perfectly manicured beards, and zero body hair. Also, the second film in the series sucks a fat sack of donkey dicks. Thank goodness for free Redbox codes. Sloth made a cameo in it but he wasn’t wearing his Superman t-shirt.